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The Week of the 2018 Ministerial Conference

From November 26 - 29, 2018 several PULSAR events took place in Vienna such as the Senior Officials Workshop, the Ministerial Conference, Education & Financial Reporting Frameworks Communities of Practice. About 300 delegates including ministers of finance, senior government experts, and representatives of the business, professional and academic communities gathered to discuss the role financial information plays in supporting economic development, regional and global integration of economies, and convergence of income and living standards between poorer and richer countries.


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Voices on Public Sector Accounting

New PULSAR Knowledge Products Available

The latest knowledge products generated under the PULSAR program to support the work of practitioners and policy makers in the area of public sector accounting (PSA) are a Roadmap to PSA reform implementation and a high-level guide on the benefits of accruals based PSA. The Roadmap template addresses fundamental questions that need to be answered while undertaking public sector accounting reforms whereas the high-level guide serves as an instrument to support clients in their outreach and dialogue to raise awareness of the advantages of accrual accounting adoption.


PSA Roadmap                   High-level Guide


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  • March 04, 2019
    PULSAR at the OECD’s 19th “Accruals Symposium”

    The PULSAR initiative will be introduced at the 19th Annual Meeting of OECD Senior Financial Management and Reporting Officials, to be held on 4-5 March 2019 in Paris. The presentation will focus on tools and guidance developed under the program as well as PULSAR’s contribution to the 21-century public sector finance function.


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