Senior Officials Workshop

November 26, 2018

Vienna, Austria

Event Details

The Senior Officials Workshop on the "High-Quality Financial Information & Economic Integration” was held on November 26, 2018 at Hotel Intercontinental Vienna, Austria. The workshop aimed at sharing progress, exchanging experiences and fostering policy dialogue on reform efforts. Participants include senior government officials responsible for developing public and private sector accounting and auditing reforms.


While the morning sessions of the event were organized as part of the Public Sector Accounting and Reporting (PULSAR), Road to Europe: Program of Accounting Reform and Institutional Strengthening (EU-REPARIS) and Strengthening Auditing and Reporting in the Countries of the Eastern Partnership (STAREP) Programs, the afternoon sessions focused only on Public Sector Accounting.


Agenda: Senior Officials Workshop

Agenda for the Senior Officials Workshop on the "High-Quality Financial Information & Economic Integration”, held on Monday, 26 November 2018, at Hotel Intercontinental Vienna, Austria.

Findings of the Stocktaking Exercise on PSA Environment in PULSAR Countries

A presentation by Antonia Grafl, Andreas Bergmann and Christoph Schuler on the results of the detailed PULSAR questionnaire which was sent to government officials of the 13 PULSAR countries in June 2018. Data collected will serve as input for a comparative study on the PSA environment in PULSAR countries. The PULSAR Senior Officials' Workshop, 26 November 2018.

Public Sector Accounting Reform in the Slovak Republic

A presentation by Lucia Kašiarová on the public sector accounting reform in the Slovak Republic and the main reform component and lesson learned. The PULSAR Senior Officials' Workshop, 26 November 2018.

How to secure political support for Public Sector Accounting Reforms?

A presentation by Thomas Müller-Marqués Berger on the key aspects to securing political support for PSA reforms including awareness raising, user-specific knowledge building for the reform and showing tangible benefits for the various stakeholders. The PULSAR Senior Officials' Workshop, 26 November 2018.