Smart Interactive Talk: How to Develop Financial Reporting and Budget Literacy Programs

May 26, 2020


Event Details

The main objective of the virtual workshop was to discuss and provide information to the participants on different elements that are required for designing an effective and successful training program. Some of the topics to be discussed during the workshop are: (i) what are the most effective education and training methods; (ii) what is the best way to develop delivery method and instructional design; (iii) how to ensure that the knowledge, skills and abilities are transferred; (iv) importance of implementing continuous professional education program. 


Agenda: FinEduCoP Virtual Event How to Develop Financial and Budget Literacy Programs

PFM Capacity Development as part of the broad PFM reform

A presentation by Oleksii Balabushko, Senior Public Finance Specialist, World Bank, on the importance and advantages resulting from supporting PFM reform and capacity building.