• CoP  |  FinCoP Workshop

    4th FINCOP Workshop

    June 03, 2019

    The PULSAR Financial Reporting Community of Practice ("FINCOP”) will hold a working group meeting from 3-4 June 2019 in Winterhur, Switzerland which will explore the topic of unified chart of accounts (“UCOAs”) in public sector reporting. The UCOAs used for financial,…

  • CoP  |  EduCoP Workshop

    4th Education Community of Practice (EduCoP)

    April 08, 2019

    The 4th Education Community of Practice (EduCoP) will take place at the Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) located in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 8-9 April. The EduCoP will reconvene representatives of Ministries of Finance, universities and Professional Accountancy…

  • CoP

    PULSAR at the OECD’s 19th “Accruals Symposium”

    March 04, 2019

    The PULSAR initiative will be introduced at the 19th Annual Meeting of OECD Senior Financial Management and Reporting Officials, to be held on 4-5 March 2019 in Paris. The presentation will focus on tools and guidance developed under the program as well as PULSAR’s…

  • CoP  |  EduCoP Workshop  |  Ministerial Conference

    3rd PSA EduCoP

    November 28, 2018

    The 3rd Public-Sector Accounting and Reporting (PULSAR) Education Community of Practice (EduCoP) took place in Vienna from 28 -  29 November 2018 with the aim to improve training, education, and continuous professional development aligned with international standards…

  • FinCoP Workshop  |  Ministerial Conference

    Joint PULSAR, STAREP and EU-REPARIS Communities of Practice Workshop

    November 28, 2018

    A two-day workshop on November 28-29 convened participants from three regional programs, covering 13 countries, that is…

  • Ministerial Conference

    2018 Ministerial Conference

    November 27, 2018

    On 27 November 2018, the biennial Ministerial Conference took place under the auspices of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU). It was organized by the World Bank’s Centre for Financial Reporting Reform (CFRR). About 300 delegates including…

  • FinCoP Workshop  |  Ministerial Conference  |  Senior Officials Workshop

    Senior Officials Workshop

    November 26, 2018

    The Senior Officials Workshop on the "High-Quality Financial Information & Economic Integration” was held on 26 November 2018 at Hotel Intercontinental Vienna, Austria. The workshop aimed at sharing progress, exchanging experiences and fostering policy dialogue on…

  • CoP  |  FinCoP Workshop  |  Virtual Event

    PULSAR Financial Reporting Community of Practice: Smart Interactive Talk

    July 10, 2018

    A PULSAR FinCoP organized Smart Interactive Talk (SIT) – a virtual workshop was held on July 10, 2018 on the subject of “Accrual Budgeting: Advantages and Disadvantages”. This subject had been identified as a priority area by FinCoP participants with particular…

  • CoP  |  EduCoP Workshop  |  Virtual Event

    PULSAR Education Community of Practice: Virtual Smart Learning Event

    June 27, 2018

    The PSA EduCoP Virtual Event reconvened representatives of Ministries of Finance, universities and Professional Accountancy Organizations (PAOs) to introduce…

  • CoP  |  EduCoP Workshop  |  FinCoP Workshop

    PULSAR Joint FinCoP and EduCoP

    April 23, 2018

    From April 23-25, 2018, the second workshops of FinCoP and EduCoP were held in Vienna, bringing together more than 100 participants and speakers from 17 countries. Senior officials from MOF and Court of Audit of Austria joined the events, and leading international…